"Friends of the Zoo" Club

Any person, entity, company or organization may join the Maputo Zoo by becoming a member of AJZM in the following modalities:

  • Single Member
  • Corporate Member
  • Sponsor Member
  • Adoptive Member

All persons wishing to become a member of AJZM are requested to complete the new member subscription form in the chosen category shown above and send it c/o H. Nicolau, at Av. Julius Nyerere 1380, Maputo, Mozambique (Tel: +258-82 3030 1470 or fax it to +258-21-491480).
Through this contact, we can also arrange to collect the subscription forms or even the subscription amounts and contributions by advising us the address and contact person.

The subscriptions are payable on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

For further information, see the Table of Entrance Fee and Subscription.

Ready to take the step? Depending on your profile, please choose the link below: