Adopt an Animal

Animals in the Zoo Maputo need your support and are open for adoption.
If you have a special affection for any of our animals, why not adopt it?

The animal or animals adopted by you will continue to live in the zoo benefiting from your support and feeling that their life has improved significantly.


By adopting an animal, you will also be helping the zoo. Because by helping us improve the care and feeding of our animals you will be allowing us to use part of the funds previously allocated for that purpose, in other programs and improvements at the Zoo.


After the adoption of one of our animals or a group of animals, you will receive a certificate of adoption with a photograph of the animal or animals you have chosen, accompanied by a document with information on the animal and the species adopted.


The animals open for adoption are listed on the left of the page together with their monthly cost.

Crocodile3.000 MT
Baboon3.500 MT
Vervet Monkey1.000 MT
Pig-Tailed Macaque1.000 MT
Eagle1.500 MT
Python500 MT

To adopt you can fill out the adoption form available at the link below and send it to AJZM headquarters, to Helena Nicolau, on Avenida de Moçambique, Maputo, Mozambique or via e-mail: or


If you would like to contact us with any questions you may contact us by telephone or contact any member of the Direction Board.


Ready to take the next step? Obtain the Adoption Form.