Chimp Eden

You could tell Joao has had a long and eventful life just by looking in his eyes, which given him a lot of experience and wisdom. He is loved by his peers and adored by his fans, one of the world’s oldest chimpanzees and one of his group’s most valued. Cheers old man, we wish you many more happy years at Chimp Eden.

With the help of a compassionate and selfless team of skilled individuals, the staff at Chimp Eden work hard in taking care of all the the 33 chimpanzees in our facility, we are seeking Patrons to help the chimpanzees experience a life free from trauma and pain!

By supporting Dr. Jane Goodall’s Chimp Eden for #givingdayforapes , you can contribute to the sustainability of the chimpanzees as well as help them by helping us.

Become a champion for them by giving today, please visit:

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