Support the Zoo

The Association of the Zoological Garden of Mozambique, as a non-profit organization caring for animal welfare and contributing to the continuity of certain endangered species, is constantly faced with financial difficulties.


Therefore, we would like to involve civil society in our cause, appealing directly to the active participation of companies, institutions or individuals who can collaborate monetarily to our institution.


Any person, entity, company or organization may join the Maputo Zoo by becoming a member of AJZM in one of the following modalities:

CategoryAdmission FeeSubscription
Singular Member100 MT300 MT *
Corporate Member300 MT750 MT **
Sponsor Member------1.500 MT ***
Adoptive Member------a)
Donor70 USDb)

* Quartely fee;

** Monthly fee;

*** Monthly minimum fee;

a) It varies according to the table and acquires the category of Sponsor Partner;

b) Acquires the category of Sponsor Partner

Crocodile3.000 MT
Baboon3.500 MT
Vervet Monkey1.000 MT
Pig-Tailed Macaque1.000 MT
Eagle1.500 MT
Python500 MT

These are the animals available for adoption and their monthly fees.

Should you wish to contact us for further information please do so through email: , or contact any member of the Direction Board by telephone.